Brent Carter Victoria TX is a Man on a Mission

Brent Carter Victoria TX was born in Corpus Christie and was raised in Victoria, Texas. His elementary school was Smith Elementary, and later on attended Howell Middle School and finally, graduated high school from Victoria High School. He went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a BBA degree in Finance. After graduating, he decided that insurance was his calling and has worked in the field for over 25 years. His passions include hunting, fishing, and sports. He has three children who are attending A&M University and are exceptionally talented in sports.

Brent is a practicing Baptist Christian and holds dearly to his conservative values when it comes to politics. However, in his personal life, he considers himself more as a “pushover”. After entering the insurance business, he moved from city to city and has worked in all of the major cities in Texas. He finally settled down, back in his hometown of Victoria, to lead a quiet family life and help raise his children. While living in Victoria, Brent made it a point to go after the local media and call them on their mistakes and inaccuracies when they presented local news and issues. In fact, he became so successful at this, in due course he managed to rake up a fan following of sorts.

It was after coming back to Victoria he met up with his business partner Ash Wade, who comes from Canada. After many business lunches together, they hit upon the idea to do a radio talk show together, discussing the issues and news items concerning their beloved small town. This idea was also due in part because Brent was enjoying some celebrity status, from his efforts involving keeping the local media on their toes. So, after discussing this with wade for nearly a year, they set up shop doing their own radio talk show program.

They managed to quickly get sponsors in the form of VeraCruz Restaurant, Civilcorp/The office, Wendt Electrical, and empire Lodge all chipped in to make the radio program a reality. There were other businesses and individuals who also became sponsors but likes to remain anonymous. The radio program is more of a hobby for the pair, as they hold down daytime jobs. They have managed to get quite following in Victoria and surrounding areas, for their honest, uncensored take on things.