Luke Sandler on a Mission

luke sandler new york
Luke Sandler is a visionary and consultant who has a passion for media and consumer tech, especially in the NY tech scene. He combines years of experience across different sectors with an analytical approach to distribution of media, strategies for project management, and finances for new ventures and startups.

He recently signed a one year contract with Critical Reactions as the Principal in New York City, which is a platform for developing and launching new startups by combining network access, equity investments, and strategic consulting.

Luke New Yor consultant is also well educated. He went to Oxford University and received his MA in Modern History and earned his MBA for Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School. He has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as being an editor for Warner Independent Pictures. His work can be seen from a variety of new ventures in Silicon Valley to the NY tech scene and across the globe.

Luke Sandler is an analytical mastermind when it comes to finding a solution for problems that affect a company’s bottom line. He’s also an experienced and seasoned veteran who excels at consumer internet, digital media and entertainment, and mobile applications as well as some of the business sectors listed below:

Product Strategy

For businesses that need a better view of their product, Luke’s project strategy skills utilize a road map to the product. His unique approach to product strategy can outline the company’s target market and elements of the product. The road map that he develops will show businesses how to achieve it. For those who have never had a product strategy in place before, it might be a good idea to talk to Luke Sandler and have him show your business the difference.

Product strategy functions continue to grow both large companies and startups; therefore, it’s vital for business owners and CEOs to develop an efficient and effective product strategy. This does take a considerable amount of time away from day-to-day matters, and this is where Luke Sandler’s services are invaluable. Sign Luke to a one year contract and see the difference for yourself.

Project Management

Luke is a pro at project management. He knows how to plan, initiate, control, execute, and close a work team to meet specific success criteria, achieve specific goals, and meet deadlines. The value that Luke brings to the table is assurance that your company will be well maintained. Projects can usually be divided into sections, and each section outlines who is involved and the work to be performed. Luke can help your business with project management in the following areas:

Procurement management
Risk management
Communication management
Human resource management
Quality management
Cost management
Time management
Scope management
Integration management